The Board

Isabel Kachinjika


The President is tasked with providing strong leadership to the board by setting the vision and establishing short and long-term goals, budgets, plans, and strategies.

As the institute is working towards the enactment of the Marketing ACT in Malawi, the president is also responsible for engaging various internal and external stakeholders to ensure that this ambitious milestone is achieved.

George Damson


The main role of the IMM Public Relations (PR) department is to manage the flow of information between the Institute and its internal and external stakeholders to build trust and credibility.

The PR arm has the responsibility of framing and shaping the right image of and about the Institute and projecting the same to all stakeholders. As an Institute that operates within the community, the PR department plays a critical role in spearheading activities and initiatives that are meant to impact the community either through its own initiatives or through partnerships with other organizations.

Fanny Namonde


• Custodian of the Institute governing documents such at the Company’s Act and the Institute’s common seal.
• Responsible for all the records of the institute.
• Circulating agenda and reports of the meeting.
• Circulating approved minutes.
• Cause the records of all official meetings to be kept.
• Ensuring organisation’s activities are in line with its objects.
• Representative of the African Marketers Confederation (AMC) Board.

Nicole Ngulube


As part of IMM Board this role has a key part to play in helping the Institute meet its strategic objectives by ensuring targets are developed and met for income generation. Developing, implementing and monitoring the income generation plan will be critical.

The role provides a creative and dynamic external focus to identify and develop a range of income generation initiatives beyond the scope of existing fundraising activity.

Building and utilising networks, developing long term relationships with high net worth individuals and forging new business opportunities.

Enoch Nkomba


This directorate is responsible for overseeing proper governance of all financial transactions through the development and enforcement of required processes and policies. The Director also manages the institutes budget and is responsible for the management of investments where applicable.

Daniel Ngwira


The IMM Communications directorate specializes in developing and executing strategic, creative, and innovative ways to tell the IMM story to achieve two main goals:

1. To increase the overall visibility of the institute to various stakeholders. This includes but is not limited to the organizations website, social media presence, digital and print advertising, direct e-mail and database communications, and assist in Public Relations.

2. To help increase the institute grow membership through strategic communication plans that helps to communicate value propositions for various membership categories.

Dr Cecilia Mussa


The Membership director is tasked to develop a membership value proposition for all corporate and individual members and ensure that the institute creates value for all its members through the provision of various benefits, continuous professional development opportunities and networking platforms.

Mercy Jumula Kamanga

Education and Development Director

The Education and Development Director is a key leadership role responsible for overseeing the strategic direction, planning, and implementation of comprehensive educational programs and initiatives within the institute. The director collaborates with stakeholders, analyze educational needs, and stay updated with current trends to design effective strategies. 


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